The Biggest Rewards Club Ever – yuu rewards

Dairy Farm Group and its coalition partners Hang Seng Bank and Jardine Restaurant Group launches Hong Kong’s biggest customer rewards club, yuu. Customers can earn points over 10 brands, 2,000 shops and restaurant.  Earn 1 yuu point per HK$1 spent. Up to 4x points per HK$1 spent with Hang Seng yuu enjoy card.

As yuu is the first digital platform that connects the Group’s brands digitally, bringing exceptional value and convenience to all our customers. This mobile app yuu is truly a digital-first programme.  With just one app, customers can earn points and redeem personalised offers instantly in over 2,000 shops and restaurants, 24 hours a day across Hong Kong, with the transparent “1 point for HK$1” earn rate.  

No physical cards will be needed with yuu, while the app also updates point balances instantly after each transaction. New users can download the yuu rewards app on their Apple or Android smartphones for free, and start earning rewards right away. 

A special Share Points feature is also included in the app to help accelerate the point accumulation process. The feature allows customers to share points freely among friends, so they can redeem more rewards, faster. 

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yuu Stamp

yuu members will be able to earn yuu points and yuu stamps easily upon purchase the designated products.  Just present the yuu ID or linked Hang Seng enjoy Card/Octopus at cashier for member verification.  yuu stamps are collected and shown in yuu App instantly.  

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