How to become a franchisee?

You can start by picking an existing 7-Eleven store upon fulfilling the in-store training. Furthermore, we would provide the shop and help with its renovation while providing the necessary equipment. A new franchisee must recruit a sufficient number of staff as well as be committed to the management and daily operation of the shop.



Operational support

7-Eleven has a well-rounded support system to provide guidance to a new franchisee in his/her day-to-day operation to ensure the quality of service.

In-store training

We offer comprehensive operational training on franchising before you become our franchisee. After your shop opens, you will recieve advanced professional training programs from 7-Eleven.

Consultancy service

7-Eleven provides a thorough consultancy service to all franchisees. Area managers offer operational guidance that assist you to achieve success.


7-Eleven has a system that handles payroll of staff, relieving franchisees of heavy administrative work.


We design effective marketing programs to attract consumers, providing the most effective strategies to boost sales on your behalf.

Financial management

7-Eleven offers bookkeeping services and a number of financial statements for the convenience of franchisees to analyse their business performance.

Security recommendations

Regular stocktaking and daily cash reconciliation are arranged by 7-Eleven. We offer recommendations on security systems to protect the assets of your store.

Equipment repair and maintenance

7-Eleven provides all equipment including air-conditioner, large freezer, shelves, registers, and freezers. Franchisees are responsible for their maintenance and repairs.

Logistic management

We have equipped all 7-Eleven stores with an advanced, computerized system to achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest cost in logistics management.