General Franchising FAQs

What does the initial investment cover?
The HK$480-$780K initial investment covers the franchise fee for a term of 5 years and a deposit for the store's inventory.
Can I pay the franchise fee and deposit for the store's inventory in installments?
No. All fees must be paid when the contract is signed.
How long does a franchise contract last?
A franchise agreement generally lasts for five years.
Can I invest in a shop but not participate in its operation personally?
No. All franchisees must manage their shops personally.
I don't have any retail experience. Can I apply?
Yes. We offer training to all qualilfied applicants.
How can I pick a location?
Based on the performance of applicants during training, 7-Eleven will offer appropriate shop locations for their selection.
Who is responsible for rental payment?
Rental payment is an operational expense of 7-Eleven. We will pay the rent.
How many staff member(s) do I need for the shop?
Approximately seven, which can include your family members and relatives.
What is the Return On Investment ‘ROI’?
We do not guarantee ROI as it varies due to factors including sales volume, competition, operation costs, and the managerial abilities of a particular franchisee.
Do we have to pay our staff the rates set by 7-Eleven?
No. Franchisees can set their own pay rates, the rates we offer are for reference only.
Do you charge for the 60- to 90-day training?
No. But franchisees need to participate in the training in full-time capacity.
Is it a paid training?
No. You will not be paid during the training period as there is no employment relationship.
Will the franchisee fee be refunded proportionately if I decide to quit?
No. The franchisee fee is non-refundable, except in special circumstances.
How long does the process take?
Approximately four to eight months.
Will 7-Eleven continue to provide support after my shop opens?
We shall be partners once you become a franchisee. We will continue to offer support, such as marketing assistance.

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