Community support with Pei Ho Counterparts

7-Eleven is committed to giving back to the community and making a difference at the grassroots level. Partnering with Pei Ho Counterparts, an organisation that provides food to the elderly and homeless, the 7-Eleven You + Me volunteer team joined Ming Gor (Chan Cheuk-ming) and his volunteer team to visit those in need of assistance since 2017.

The volunteer team consisted of team members from different departments, from store to store support centre. They helped to distribute boxed meals and packed goodie bags during regular visits. By packing and delivering goodie bags and boxed meals to the homeless and the homes of the elderly, volunteers sent their warmest regards to the people in need of care.

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Support those in need under the pandemic

Many companies and organizations are enthusiastic to provide support and assistance to those in need undert the pandemic. Since 2020 Apr, 7-Eleven has donated more than 60,000 pieces of 7-SIGNATURE's own branded products, including bread, meal boxes, and meal vouchers, to those in need in the community through the charity organization Pei Ho Counterparts and the Hong Kong Christian Service. Assist

Recognizing that many local people are facing the sudden epidemic situation, which makes their lives worse, 7-Eleven team members prepared 1,000 anti-epidemic goodie bags, provided assistance for elderly, the homeless, street cleaners and grassroots families.

In addition, under the epidemic, a group of street cleaners who silently paid for street hygiene in Hong Kong still kept their posts. 7-Eleven team members went to Sham Shui Po District with anti-epidemic goodie bags for them. They were able to redeem food at any 7-Eleven stores with the meal vouchers. One of the 7-Eleven Volunteer Team said: “Seeing their smiles makes me feel more important than anything else.”


Charity Meal Voucher Program – “Give a Voucher Donate a Meal”

7-Eleven cares deeply about the community it operates in. During the early stages of the pandemic in April 2020, we launched the Charity Meal Voucher Programme. The initiative deeply resonated with our customers and thanks to everyone’s support, 553,787 meals were donated in just eight days. Partnering with five beneficiary NGOs, we distributed all the meal vouchers to those in need by the end of November 2020. Thank you again for everyone’s help - none of this would have been possible without the generosity of those who donated and the support from all sectors of society to spread the message. Doing the right thing together as one.


Giving back during festive season

During Chinese New Year in 2021, 7-Eleven partnered with Pei Ho Counterparts to distribute Blessings Cookie Jars and care packages containing festive treats to the elderly and families in need. We gave gifts to over a thousand recipients to share our heartfelt blessings during the holiday season.

Since 2017, 7-Eleven has been working with different charities each Christmas to spread festive cheer to children in need. In 2020, we teamed up with Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher’s Home to put some smiles on faces! We donated small presents to over 3,000 children in need - a gift from our hearts to brighten up their Christmas.

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Donates 1,000 7-SELECT chicken legs every week for 40 consecutive weeks

Continuing our ongoing support for the community, 7-Eleven is donating 1,000 7-SELECT chicken legs every week – for 40 consecutive weeks – to support those most in need in Hong Kong through our partnership with Food Angel.

40,000 chicken legs will be delivered through Food Angel’s network of 180 charity partners, benefitting over 10,000 recipients including the elderly and the disabled, and those from low-income families.


7-Eleven goes green

7-Eleven has deployed a series of in-store energy saving initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. It has been adopting LED lighting and signs as well as an energy-efficient air-conditioning system to reduce carbon emission. It has also installed sliding doors for in-store refrigerators in order to reduce cold air loss. Ultimately, all of these initiatives play a role in protecting the environment. 7-Eleven Hong Kong has received the prestigious "CLP GreenPlus Recognition Award – Energy Saving Award" green awards, which recognize the essential role played by 7-Eleven in promoting environmental protection awareness and energy-saving initiatives.

In-store recycling program

As the world’s leading convenience store, 7-Eleven plays an active role in tackling climate change by implementing an in-store recycling initiative. Recycling boxes are placed in selected stores to encourage the recycling of waste materials. The collected waste will then be transferred to recycling centers for further processing, supporting the development of the local recycling industry.

7-Eleven aims to reduce carbon emissions through daily operations, to create a sustainable business practice and an environmentally friendly community for our customers.

Surplus Food Donation

Since 2014, 7-Eleven Hong Kong has launched a food donation initiative partnering with Foodlink Foundation. The initiative enables 7-Eleven to donate thousands of surplus bakery products to different beneficiaries every month, which further helps distribute the bakery to the people in need. Through the food donation program, we hope to reduce food disposal, and to reach out as well as show our care for the community.