7-Eleven convenience stores are located all over Hong Kong. The 7 x 24 operating hours and easy-to-reachshop locations provide fast and convenient services to customers.

Customers can grab daily necessities, snacks, drinks, fresh food and 7-Eleven’s patented Slurpee at the stores.

Apart from that, 7-Eleven also provides Octopus top-up and payment service, bill payment services, sell of stamps, telephone cards, top-up cards, online game cards and fax services. All these solutions hope to satisfy the public’s different needs.

Over the past years, 7-Eleven has been awarded numerous awards. Indeed, a testament to our exemplary business operations.


7-Eleven's Franchising

shop-2m-shop-27-Eleven opened its first store in Hong Kong in 1981, and has grown with the Hong Kong people for over 35 years. 7-Eleven’s patent is owned 7-Eleven Inc. and licenced the operating right in HK to The Dairy Farm Company, Ltd. We have a wide-ranging and in-depth franchising experience, and clearly understand the market’s needs, providing innovative retail opportunities and stable returns.

We have a huge and solid franchising team. Each franchisee is given professional training by the company to ensure that the franchisee is well informed in regards to 7-Eleven’s operating philosophies and details. We also encourage franchisees to take up multiple store franchise to further develop their career with 7-Eleven.

We now invite individuals who are passionate in setting up retail business to join our franchising team, and reap the rewards together with 7-Eleven.