GBA Staycation  for Family 

Easter holiday is approaching. 7-Eleven integrates travel itinerary and recommend attractions for everyone!

To make your journey more pleasant, visit 7-Eleven and purchase the CTG Bus tickets and Mobile Prepaid SIM and get ready for your Chinese New Year Trip!
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GBA Tickets - Adult (One-way)

GBA Ticket

Ticket Price:  $140

Greater Bay Area (GBA) ticket include:

Shenzhen Bay Port (HK-KLN); Shenzhen Bay Port (NT); Guangzhou; Panyu; Foshan; Zhongshan; Jiangmen; Xinhui; Kaiping; Taishan; Dongguan; Zengcheng and Xingtang; Shenzhen Mangguowang Mansion; Shenzhen Airport; Heshan

GBA ticket is a one-way bus ticket, ticket price HK$140. Can be used on the inbound or outbound trip. If this ticket is used during festivals, CTS Bus may additionally charge the fare difference when passengers board the bus.

**For Visa payment - scan the following QR code to purchase CTG bus tickets online via CTG Bus official website.

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CMHK China 10-day Data Prepaid SIM Card

Standard Price: $90

Applicable to 4G network in Mainland China: 10-day 5GB+ unlimited^ mobile data usage in mainland China or HK


Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macau 15-day Tourist SIM Card

Standard Price: $158

7GB Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau shared data; 30 minutes voice call; 30 SMS

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