“Blossom in the flower season” promotional activity

With the Spring Festival approaching, 7-Eleven partners with Sanrio to launch a new giftset redemption collection in this flowery season! Ten Sanrio characters presents to you a set-of-10 flower-shaped ceramic bowl and tray collection. With the splendour of flowers, the Sanrio characters blesses you with wealth and prosperity. May everyone be blooming like sweet flowers!

Redemption Details

Receive one stamp upon a HK$20* purchase at 7-Eleven, and one more stamp for every additional HK$10 purchase

Redemption details of “Sanrio blossoming ceramic bowl collection”

Redeem one bowl set randomly# with 22 stamps for free or 5 stamps plus HK$22.

#All items are distributed randomly and are non-exchangeable.
*Excluding cigarettes and other service items, please refer to details on in-store posters

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Stamp Issuance Period: 9 Jan 2019 (7 am) – 19 Feb 2019

“Sanrio blossoming ceramic bowl collection” redemption period
9 Jan 2019 (7 am) – 22 Feb 2019

Terms & Conditions

“Blossom in the flower season” promotional activity

Terms & Conditions:

1. Stamp issuance period: 9th January 2019 7a.m. to 19th February 2019.
2. Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowl redemption period: 9th January 2019 7a.m. to 22nd February 2019.
3. Limited Edition - Sanrio flower-shaped plate (Pompompurin, Kero Kero Keroppi & Little Twin Stars) redemption period: 23rd January 2019 7a.m. to 22nd February 2019.
4. Receive 1 stamp upon HK$20# purchase at 7-Eleven, and one more stamp for every additional HK$10 purchase
5. Redeem one Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowl with 22 stamps for free or 5 stamps plus HK$22. Redeem one Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic plate with 5 stamps plus HK$28.
6. Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowls are pre-packed and are given out randomly; customers are not allowed to choose.
7. The stamp card will be collected upon all items redemption, additional stamps cannot be returned.
8. Awarded stamps will be counted and distributed at cashier for every transaction, no claim is allowed afterwards.
9. Stamps are counted on a per transaction basis. All damage, smudge and forge are treated as void stamps, and will not be accepted.
10. Stamps must be returned together with any product refund or return.
11. Only intact, true copied and photocopied stamp cards are accepted, all other versions are invalid.
12. The product quantity at the store shall prevail. Each customer is eligible to redeem a maximum of 20pcs of Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowls per day. Re-ordering is available when the redemption quantity of Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowl ls exceeds 20pcs. Pick up date of re-ordering items is subjected to stock availability. Please contact our store staffs for details.
13. Limited to 1 plate per person (per design of limited edition flower-shaped ceramic plate). Limited Edition Items are available while stocks last. No re-order is available.
14. Transaction at shops at Inspiration Lake Recreation Center and Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort are excluded.
15. 7-Eleven reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
#Purchase of cigarettes, milk powder, online game products (except the specific products from the promotion), redemption items and other services, e.g. Octopus reloading / last 10 transactions print out, Macau Pass add-value, bill payment / remittance / donation, purchase of gift card / pre-paid card / subscription card / Octopus Card / Macau Pass card / mobile pre-paid SIM card / recharge voucher / phone card / Wi-Fi card / redemption items / products of vending machine, ticketing service / stamps, photocopy / fax, battery recharge, courier service / fulfilment / pre-payment / catalogue sales, photofinishing, locker / shoe repairing / key duplication and Inspiration Lake activities / parking fee pre-payment are excluded from spending amount.

Flowers that bloom all year, in every season

This Spring Festival, ten popular Sanrio characters gather in 7-Eleven! They present to you a set of Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowls, welcoming a beautiful new year with you! Each bowl is unique and stylish, and truly reflects the colours of spring! In the set, five bowls are darker-toned while the other five bowls are lighter-toned, the assortment of colours makes it suitable for gifting or self-use.

Simply adorable and absolutely irresistible!

The diameter of the Sanrio flower-shaped ceramic bowl measures 12cm. Don’t miss the vivid patterned graphics on the bowl! If you look at the bowl from above, you can see the characters lifting their heads and staring lovingly at you! It’s very therapeutic and healing. ​

The shadow beside each character enhances the layering of the pattern, making it look even more authentic. Next to the characters are floral patterns, which illustrate flowers scattered from above, just like a mesmerizing floral shower!

2.5D flower-shaped design, extremely valuable for collection

The flower-shaped ceramic bowls are inspired by five blossoming flowers, namely, the tulip, the sakura, the sunflower, the Baby Blue Eyes and the hydrangea, creating a flowery spring atmosphere!​

To ensure the uniqueness and collectible value of each flower-shaped ceramic bowl, the bottom of the bowl is printed with the character names and the corresponding flower name, which adds specialty and value. It’s a collection that fans cannot miss this year!

​ Safe and durable to use

The series of "Blossom in the flower season" ceramic bowls are not only cute, but also extremely functional. The bowls have passed FDA for food contact container requirements, with temperature tolerance from 0°C to 100°C. It is dishwasher and microwave safe, be rest assured that it is safe to use.

Pastel-coloured blossoming tray, perfect as a Spring Festival candy box!

The flower-shaped tray features Hello Kitty as the main character, with Hello Kitty’s signature bow in the middle, enhancing collectible value. Designed in sakura pink, the tray is inspired by Japanese’s sakuras, a must-have item for pastel colour lovers! Together with the Sanrio blossoming ceramic bowl, this collection is surely a must-have for fans!

The diameter of the blossoming tray measures 32cm.

The flower-shaped tray is made of melamine resin, which makes the tray durable. The smooth and wear-resistant surface makes it easy-to-clean.

The tray can hold at most five Sanrio blossoming ceramic bowls, and it can be used as a chic candy box during Chinese New Year to hold little festive delicacies. Each petal on the tray serves as a little compartment, once the bowl is secured on top, it becomes a sturdy candy box!

The Limited Edition flower-shaped ceramic plate series - choose your own plate!

The limited edition flower-shaped plate in soft pastel shades make you and your table bloom! The plate measures 15cm in diameter, with a temperature tolerance of 0°C to 100°C. It has passed FDA for food contact container requirements. The ceramic plates and bowls can be combined as a set, which gives high collectible value. The Sanrio ceramic plates are limited edition, and can be chosen freely. Redeem while stock lasts, don’t miss the chance!

A warm tip:
Limited edition flower-shaped ceramic plate (Pompompurin, Kero Kero Keroppi & Little Twin Stars) redemption details:
From 23 January 2019 7 a.m. onwards, customers can redeem one plate with 5 stamps plus HK$28*.

*While stock lasts, no pre-ordering allowed.
*Limited to 1 plate per person (per design).
*Available designs are subject to store availability.