7-Eleven is delighted to introduce another new series of own brand 7-Signature products which are sourced from top-quality Japanese ingredients and directly imported from Japan. This provides you with quality Japanese snacks around the clock, saving them the trouble of frequently flying to Japan!

Thick Stem Seaweed 35g

Thick Stem Seaweed 35g

Seaweed snack, with crispy texture and mild sourness.
Sanriku seaweed flavored with organic rice vinegar and organic brown rice vinegar.
Individual package

Butter Peanuts 78g​

​Butter Peanuts 78g

Classic item for snacks.
Sweetness and saltiness of peanuts are addictive.

Butter Peanuts 122g​

​Butter Peanuts 122g

Classic item for snacks.
Sweetness and saltiness of peanuts are addictive.​

Rice Crackers With Peanuts 86g

​Rice Crackers With Peanuts 86g

Classic item for snacks.
Kaki no tane(sticky rice crisp with soysauce coating) and peanut are addictive.

Rice Crackers With Peanuts 132g

​Rice Crackers With Peanuts 132g

Classic item for snacks with beer.
Kaki no tane(sticky rice crisp with soysauce coating) and peanut are addictive.

Cheese & Codfish Meat 50g

​Cheese & Codfish Meat 50g

Cheese sandwitched with minced codfish meat.
Using samsoe cheese, mild texture mascarpone cheese, rich flavored chedder cheese.

Ginko Nuts

​Ginko Nuts

Rich taste of Ginko nuts with mild and fine granulate roasted salt from Ishigaki island.

Mixed Nuts 41g​

​Mixed Nuts 41g

Salty snacks.
Assorted 4 kinds of nuts, that are Almond, Walnut, Cashewnut, Macadamian nut.

Chocolate Toast

​Chocolate Toast

Using edge of bread, one bite size rusk.
Coating with chocolate, tossing cocoa powder on, baked rusk.
Slightly bitter cocoa flavor.

Dried Squid 16g

​Dried Squid 16g

Savory flavor squid roasted with far-infrared roasting machine.
Usind only algae salt and it brings out the flavor of the squid.
The more it is chewed, the tastier it becomes.

Natural potato wedge

Natural potato wedge

Potato snack that you can enjoy original potato taste.
Cut into wedges, fried in law temperature, then topped with Alpensalz rock salt.
Potato is from Belgium with skin, with light and soft texture.

Tsumami garlic

Tsumami garlic

By frying the garlic as it is(not chopped), you can enjoy garlic itself taste and flavor.
Zipper bag for preservation.

Fried squid & seaweed

Fried squid & seaweed

Sesame oil flavored product by frying "ikaten" from squid and green seaweed, "Noriten"
Crisp and light texture makes you addicted.

Sugar rusk 9pc

Sugar rusk 9pc

Light texture sugared rusk.
Rich flavor of fermented butter and sweetness of sugar are soaked in the rusk, rich and varied taste is exquisite.
Individual package.

Dried salmon

Dried salmon

Tasteful texture by drying slowly.
Only using tasty Hokkaido male salmon.

Stem Seaweed - Plum Flavored

​Stem Seaweed - Plum Flavored

KIKU WAKAME, the stem of seaweed, has a great texture while chewing. Plum vinegar is used to make it refreshing. Furthermore, honey is used to make it a mild flavor. You can enjoy convenient individual packaging and be the best for snacking.

Mixed Nuts 50g

​Mixed Nuts 50g

An irresistible mix of California almond, Indian cashew nuts, peanuts, coating peanuts and giant corn. Almond enhanced with sea salt. This is the best snack with alcohol, which is "Otsumami"