In order to provide a convenient and safe way for our customer to shop online, 7-Eleven offers a comprehensive range of gift cards and prepayment services. Our offerings include: iTunes Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, PlayStation™Network Gift Card, Spotify Gift Card, Yahoo! Tokens and more.

iTunes Gift Card

iTunes Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to redeem different apps, games, music, movies and more.
Selling Price: $200 / $500 / $1,000 / Variable Amount ($150 - $5,000)

Google Play™ Gift Card

Google Play™ Gift Card

Introduction: Suitable for customers looking to redeem different apps, books, movies and more.

Selling Price: $200 / $500 / $1,000 / Variable Amount ($150 - $2,000)

Switch 1 year Personal Plan

Switch 1 year Personal Plan

Nintendo Switch Online offers Online Play,etc. exciting functions.
Individual Memberships allow one Nintendo Account holder access to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Selling Price: $155

Nintendo Ecash

Nintendo Ecash

Nintendo Ecash card is for Nintendo eShop purchases and for use on Nintendo systems.

Selling price: $300​

PlayStation™Network Gift Card

PlayStation™ Network Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to redeem items on the PlayStation™ online shop and extending their membership.

Selling Price: $128/$200/$308/$500

Tap & Go Card​

Tap & Go Card

Tap & Go is a prepaid mobile payment service for customers using Android or iOS smartphones. The service delivers secure and reliable mobile payment through emerging contactless technology such as MasterCard® Contactless technology.
In addition to settling payment at the designated merchants, Tap & Go also supports both overseas and online purchase. Topping-up the value of your account is easy with flexible options, and you can benefit from special merchant offers.

Selling Price: $105 (including $100 card value+ $5 administrative fee) ​

Hmvod 2-month Entertainment Pass

​Hmvod 2-month Entertainment Pass

hmvod is a video-on-demand platform and provide latest and all-time favourite movies.

Selling price: $176

XBOX Gift Card

XBOX Gift Card

Xbox gift cards are a great way to get the latest games and entertainment from the Xbox Store. Once you redeem your Xbox gift card to your Microsoft account, use it to buy the latest games, map packs, apps and more. ​

Selling Price: $150 / $300

3-Month Xbox Game Pass subscription​

3-Month Xbox Game Pass subscription

Xbox game pass allows gamers to enjoy unlimited access to over one hundred great Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for one low monthly price.

Selling price: $237


XBOX Live​

Join the greatest community of gamers with Xbox Live Gold. Play free games every month and find Deals with Gold up to 50%-75% off in the Microsoft Store.

Selling Price: $459

Xbox Game Pins

Xbox Game Pins ​

A brand-new easy way to buy Xbox digital games Buy and play without the need of credit card

• Buy the brand new or classic games anytime 24/7

• Buy and redeem online then play at home right away

• Save storage space for game discs

• Avoid the accidental damage of game discs

• Switch games in an instant

JOOX Gift Card

JOOX Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to enjoy a 3-month or 6-month membership to JOOX – an online music platform.

Selling Price: $138 / $258

MOOV Gift Card​

MOOV Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to enjoy 90 Days or 180 Days membership on MOOV – an online music platform.
Selling Price: $144/ $258

Spotify® Gift Card

Spotify® Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to enjoy a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month membership on Spotify – an online music platform.

Selling Price: : $174/$348/$696

KKbox Gift Card

KKbox Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to enjoy a 90-day or 180-day membership to KKBOX – an online music platform.

Selling Price: $174 / $344

Minecraft Gift Card

Minecraft Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to top-up on MOJANG.

Selling Price: $210



Minecoins can be used to purchase in-game content and add-ons on Minecraft Marketplace.

Selling price $78



Skillmove turns your phone into personal coach! Simply top up skillcoins to redeem hundreds of high quality video lessons and audio clips by top notch trainers in Hong Kong. Level up your skills today!

Selling Price : $300 (400 Skillcoins) , $400 (500 Skillcoins) , $800 (1000 Skillcoins)

STEAM Gift Card​

STEAM Gift Card

Suitable for customers to redeem paid-software via STEAM eShop.
Selling Price: $200/ $500/ $1000

24 Reader 6-Month Membership Card

24 Reader 6-Month Membership card

Enjoy a 6-month membership on 24 Reader where you can download e-books, e-magazines and e-comics for FREE.

Selling Price: $228

Zalora Gift Card

Zalora Gift Card

Suitable for customers looking to shop on Zalora – an online fashion and beauty platform.

Selling Price: $300


Netflix Gift Card​

​ Netflix Gift Card

Suitable for a Netflix subscription top-up

- a streaming service for members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices.

Selling Price: $300 / Variable Card $300-1000

Flow Gift Card

​Flow Gift Card

The brand-new Flow gift card is the best way to top up Flow Dollars, without the need of a credit card. Buy and redeem right-away to reserve all kinds of timeslot hotels, co-working spaces and staycation packages in Flow App.

Want a short stay at a 4-star hotel for an afternoon? Or a co-working space to work for half a day? Flow is the “Platform for Space” that helps urban travellers like you to find a hotel room and workspace to stay by the hour. We cooperate with high-end hotels and large co-working spaces to provide hourly booking during the daytime. You can book flexibly from 1 to 12 hours to suit your staycation plan or work schedule, saving up to 75% off the full-day prices.

Selling Price: $200/$500/$1000

Now E Pass​

​ Now E Pass

Purchase designated Now E pass to enjoy the World-class sports events, movies, dramas and varieties immediately! It provides you a hassle-free way of paying - the subscription will be automatically terminated after the service period ends.
Selling price: From $78



With over 5,000 tutors from Asia's top universities, Snapask provides instant homework help to 100,000 students in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. With a simple snapshot, our tutors will solve your homework challenge in any subject within seconds. Start your learning experience now.

Selling Price: $180 (10 Questions), $880 (1-Month), $2580 (4-Month)