Poseion BT100 Shower Head - White

• Magnetized vortex water is much softer than tap water so it can result in significant savings in shampoo and soap use.
• Pets who bathe in magnetized water tend to have healthier and cleaner looking coats of fur.
• Magnetized vortex water keeps hair moisturized, shinier and more manageable while using less shampoo. It even prevents the itchy scalp.
• Reducing chemicals in use, ditching plastic waste, and saving water are giving the planet a green makeover.

• Performing excellently for skin and hair washing, specifically oily-type without chemicals. Use, less and get better results.

• Sterilization may be performed with magnetized vortex water.

Pre-order Period: 1 Jul 2020 7:00am - 14 Jul 2020

Pick-up Period: 21 Jul 2020 7:00am - 27 Jul 2020

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Color: White

Size : 80 x 210 mm

Extended size:180 x 130 x 150 mm

Package : Shower Head1PC + Combination Filter 1PC

Available water Temperature: 0~65℃

Weight: 750g

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