Peppa Pig Wearable Air Purifier - Peppa

• Generate 28 million ions per second and maintain a concentration of 28 million ions per cubic centimeter
• Continuous usage of 30 hours per full charge
• Eliminate 99% of PM2.5
• Eliminate common containments like dust, smoke, odors,volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and allergens
• No filter replacement needed
• One-button operation
• Portable design 25g zero burden
• Detachable neck strap design
• Free fibre neck strap included
• Design for multiple accessories for various spaces such as backpack or bed

Pre-order Period: 1 Jul 2020 7:00am - 14 Jul 2020 

Pick-up Period: 17 Jul 2020 7:00am - 21 Jul 2020

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Voltage: DC3.7V
Current : <10mA
Power : <0.1W
Negative ion : 28 Million pcs/cm3
Working Time : >20 hrs
Weight : 25g
Size : 40 X 15 X 50 mm
Made in China

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