7-Eleven always surprises you by bringing you a wide selection of new products! Pick your choice and enjoy now!



- Fujiya Cream Puff Milk Flavour

- Fujiya Soft Cake Vanilla Flavour

Planters Peanuts​

​Planters Peanuts

- Planters Salted Caramel Peanuts

- Planters Sea Salt & Vingar Peanuts

MCVITIES Digestive Thins

​MCVITIES Digestives

- MCVITIES Digestive Thins Dark Chocolate

- MCVITIES Digestive Thins Milk Chocolate

- MCVITIES Digestive Thins Choco Cappuccino​

Jelly Bean​

​Jelly Bean

- Jelly Bean Factory 36 Gourmet 50G

- Jelly Bean Factory Sweet Hearts​

P&P Frozen Juice Pop

​P&P Frozen Juice Pop

- P&P Frozen Juice Pop Orange

- P&P Frozen Juice Pop Green Apple​

Eclipse X'mas version

​Eclipse X'max version

- Eclipse Mints (Peppermint Flavour)

- Eclipse Mints (Apple Flavour)

- Eclipse Mints (Peachmint Flavour)​