7-Eleven always surprises you by bringing you a wide selection of new products! Pick your choice and enjoy now!

Haagen-Dazs Dixie Cup

​Haagen-Dazs Dixie Cup

- Haagen-Dazs Dixie Cup-Hokka Azuki Mochi

- Haagen-Dazs Dixie Cup-Green Tea Mochi

Lotte Real Ice Cream

​Lotte Real Ice Cream​

- Lotte Real Chocolate Ice Cream

- Lotte Real sweet Potato Ice Cream​

Kracie Puchitto Candy

Kracie Puchitto Candy

- Kracie Puchitto Candy - Green Apple

- Kracie Puchitto Candy - Grape​

UCC Blended Coffee

​UCC Blended Coffee

- UCC Blended Coffee (Low Sugar)

- UCC Blended Coffee (Milk)

Snyder's Pretzels

​Snyder's Pretzels

- Snyder's Chocolate Infused Pretzels

- Snyder's Wasabi Pretzels​

Ritz Thin​

​Ritz Thin​

- Ritz Thin Sea Salt & Black Pepper

- Ritz Thin Cream Cheese & Onion

Calbee Potato Chips

​Calbee Potato Chips

- Calbee Chocolate Flavoured Potato Chips

- Calbee Coffee Flavoured Potato Chips​



- Doritos Taco Flavored

- Doritos Smokin' BBQ Flavored