​Featured Services

​TNG Withdrawal Service

Apart from the existing top-up service of TNG Wallet, starting from 30 August 2017, customers are able to use TNG Wallet to make purchases at all 7-Eleven stores in Hong Kong. Also, TNG Wallet users will be able to withdraw cash from their TNG Wallet accounts once verified. The maximum withdrawal amount is HK$500 for each transaction.

​Tao Heung Pug Trotters In Ginger and Vinegar with Chocolate Rain Special Bag

Customer could purchase e-voucher of Tao Heung Pig Protters In Ginger & Vinegar (500g/box) with a Chocolate Rain Special Bag at all 7-Eleven stores ($59). With the e-voucher, customers can pick up the product in selected Tao Heung's stores within 30 days upon purchase and please refer to the T&C on receipt for store details.