​Japanese Style Sandwich Breakfast Combo ($24)

Choose any Japanese Style Soft Sandwich priced at $20 plus any selected drink.

Sandwich selection: Scrambled Egg & Black Truffle Sauce / Shrimp Cutlet & Egg Salad / Double Cheese & Ham / Chicken Cutlet & Lettuce/ Teriyaki Chicken & Egg Salad​

Drink selection: Authentic Tea House 500ml / Nestea 480ml / Minute Maid 420ml/Aquarius 500ml / 7Café Freshly Brewed Coffee

We worked with 7-Eleven Japan to create an authentic Japanese style sandwich – we use bread made from 100% Japanese flour and baked the traditional Japanese way to give that unmistakable soft and fluffy texture. Microwavable in hassle-free packaging, they’re the perfect on-the-go breakfast!

​Japanese Style Bun Breakfast Combo ($12)

Choose any Japanese Style Bun priced $10 or below plus any selected drink.

Bun selection: Cheese Bread / Curry Beef Bun in Japanese Style / Hokkaido Milk Bun / Red Bean Bun / Soft Bun with Butter Cream / Tuna Fish Bread

Drink selection: Vitasoy Calci Plus 250-375ml / Vita Milk Beverage 236-350ml / Vitasoy Sansui Soya Milk 236ml

In collaboration with 7-Eleven Japan, we bring you these soft and tasty buns. They’re made using Japanese ingredients, so you can be sure of a truly fluffy and authentic-tasting bun.