7-Eleven steps into the world of fashion with a first-of-its-kind crossover: PEANUTS X FDMTL Collectible Programme

7-Eleven is stepping into the world of fashion and exclusively launching a collection of “#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags” as part of a first-of-its-kind crossover between well-known Japanese ”Boro” label FDTML and classic cartoon PEANUTS. These good quality bags come in an assortment of designs, shapes and colours to match any outfit. They’re the perfect accessory for outdoor activities, school, travelling, staycations and other daily activities. If you’re into fashion, you’ll simply love them!
Gaku Tsuyoshi, the founder of FDMTL, personally designed the eight “#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags” in the collection – made from high quality materials in a variety of styles for different functions - for his fans in Hong Kong. Gaku-san knows very well the love Hongkongers have for Japanese culture. And so, he’s incorporated well-known Japanese motifs such as Mount Fuji, tea ceremonies, lantern festivals, food and other iconic Japanese objects alongside the popular PEANUTS characters Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Woodstock. FDMTL’s signature indigo ‘boro’ patchwork design takes centre stage throughout the entire collection with each fashion forward bag showcasing a different side of Japanese style. Dress up any outfit with one of the eight “#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags” and create your own look for any occasion. So step up your style and stand out from the crowd!

PEANUTS x FDMTL Japan Style Patchwork Plushes – Olaf makes his HK debut!

The Japan Style Patchwork Plushes consist of three popular PEANUTS characters including Japanese fan-favourite Olaf who’s making his official Hong Kong debut! Olaf is one of Snoopy’s brothers – his sleepy expression, trademark blue hat and cuddly exterior all add to his super cute appearance! The fun designs ooze street-style cool and reimagine the well-loved characters, combining the cuteness of PEANUTS with FDMTL’s signature style. Each of the three Japan Style Patchwork Plushes are approximately 8 inches tall. Display them on your shelf or on your bed – they’ll be a talking point wherever you put them!

Redemption details:

Method 1:

Redeem one Japan Style Patchwork Plush with 8 stamps plus $88.

Redemption period: 18 May (7am) to 1 July 2022

Method 2:

Redeem one Japan Style Patchwork Plush with 5,000 yuu points plus $49.

Promotion period for yuu Members: 15 Jun (7am) to 28 June 2022
Redemption period for yuu Members: 15 Jun (7am) to 1 July 2022


You can choose your favourite style, depending on availability in store. 3 items maximum can be redeemed per person each day. Limited quantity, while stocks last. Reservation of items is not possible.

#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag Redemption Details

Receive 1 stamp upon a $20# purchase, and 1 more stamp for every additional $10 purchase.  Redeem 2 #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bags randomly with 12 stamps plus $80, or 1 #OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag randomly with 8 stamps plus $46 or 8,800 yuu Points plus $8.

•    Stamp distribution period: 4 May (7am) to 28 June 2022
•    Redemption period: 4 May (7am) to 1 July 2022
•    Promotion period for yuu Members: 4 May (7am) to 28 June 2022
•    Redemption period for yuu Members: 4 May (7am) to 1 July 2022

#Excluding “7-Eleven Pre-order”, yuu Pre-order, cigarettes and service items.
Designs are distributed randomly and non-exchangeable.

Terms and Conditions

Stamp Card

Check out the Collection Lookbook for some OOTD inspiration! 

Team your “#OOTD Mix & Match Fashion Bag with simple, pared back clothes for a fun and contemporary look. See how to style your fashion bag with everyday outfits below. 



This contemporary pouch features FDMTL’s signature light blue and indigo patchwork design and a label showing Snoopy relaxing by a bonsai tree. Use this pouch made from durable material to store personal items like chargers, AirPods, hair straighteners and more for days out or staycations. The size of the pouch can be customised simply by adjusting the side straps. Suitable for both men and women.
Size: Approx. 30.5cm (width) x 14cm (length)

The koinobori carp streamer is flown during the Dragon Boat Festival in Japan and is a symbol of summer, the perfect season for days out. This sacoche bag comes in a stylish blue and green design. There are two compartments to accommodate your daily needs including your phone, wallet, tissues and more.  Its adjustable length shoulder strap makes it ideal for hikes or days trips. Its stylish design means it will look good on everyone!
Size: Approx. 23.5cm (width) x 17cm (length)

This lightweight blue roll-up tote can carry notebooks, laptops and A4 folders and more. Its long strap means it can be worn over the shoulder so ideal for students going to class. The external pocket is made from PU leather, featuring Snoopy on top of Mount Fuji, doubles as a convenient storage pouch.
Size: Approx. 32cm (width) x 37cm (length)
Size when folded: Approx. 6.5cm (width) x 20cm (length)


This black and army green camo vertical pouch has a heavy-duty cord strap and is decorated with images of Snoopy skilfully playing with a kendama toy whilst sporting a FDMTL signature bow tie. Team this lightweight and functional pouch with sporty outdoor gear and you’re good to go! Perfect for storing your mobile phone or other small items.
Size: Approx. 11.5cm (width) x 21cm (length)

This large grocery eco-bag features a Woodstock patchwork pattern in white and shades of indigo blue.  Shop in style with this eye-catching design! The bag also has a white snap button pouch to neatly store not only receipts and stamps but also the bag itself.
Size: Approx. 34.5cm (width) x 54cm (length)
Size when folded: Approx. 15cm (width) x 17.5cm (length)

This stylish yet playful round-bottomed shoulder drawstring bag has a colourful patchwork design. Bright, bold and cute, it’s ideal for spring for summer. Use it to carry your phone, purse, or even a shawl. It’s big enough!
Size: Approx. 20.5cm (width) x 24cm (length)


This understated yet fun black drawstring bag is decorated with white embroidered-looking outlines of Snoopy. The cord straps are adjustable so kids and adults can adapt the length as they like. The bag is lightweight and can be folded up for easy storage. It’s also ideal for carrying your belongings or sports shoes when you want to exercise outdoors.
Size: Approx. 33cm (width) x 39cm (length)
Size when folded: Approx. 13cm (width) x 13cm (length)


This pouch decorated with Snoopy and Woodstock has dual compartments in two different fabrics. Use the top compartment to organise small objects like clips or compact mirrors and the large bottom compartment to store   hair or skincare products and anti-epidemic supplies. This pouch pairs perfectly with the tote bag, with its striking design featuring a sunglass-wearing Snoopy, Woodstock and koinobori carp streamer.  
Size: Approx. 18cm (width) x 22cm (length)

The super stylish PEANUTS x FDMTL Face Mask Holder

This trendy Face Mask Holder is decorated with FDMTL’s unique patchwork patterns and features Snoopy playing the traditional Japanese game kendama. It can store KF94 style masks so is a must-have for fashionistas!

Redemption Details:

From 18 May 2022 (7am), you can redeem one PEANUTS x FDMTL Face Mask Holder with any purchase# plus $10. Limited quantity, while stocks last. Reservation of items is not possible.

PEANUTS x FDMTL Dual Layer Hot & Cold Flask – blending fashion and function

The Dual Layer Hot & Cold Flask is decorated with FDMTL’s signature patchwork designs and Snoopy enjoying himself at a tea ceremony. The flask’s textured design makes it easy to grip and is the perfect mix of fashion and function! The flask cap has a dual layer design – put a teabag in the upper section and, just like Snoopy, enjoy a cuppa anytime, anywhere. The cap is also equipped with a strap to make it even easier to carry. Suitable for hot and cold drinks, be sure to take it with you when out and about!

The flask is approx. 22cm (height) x 6.5cm (diameter) and can hold about 450ml. At home or the office, this handy flask will keep your drinks hot or cold so is ideal for every season!

Redemption details:

From 18 May 2022 (7am), you can redeem one PEANUTS x FDMTL Dual Layer Hot & Cold Flask with any purchase# plus $99. Limited quantity, while stocks last. Reservation of items is not possible.

PEANUTS x FDMTL Tumbler Cup with Straw – your new drinking buddy!

There are two Japanese-inspired designs of this fun and functional tumbler cup to choose from. The ultra-clear plastic cup is made from AS resin. Its detachable straw and wide bottom design, so you can easily wipe the base from the inside, make it super simple to clean!
The cups come in an indigo blue or burgundy red design, featuring Snoopy at a tea ceremony or chilling by a bonsai, with the covers of both designs decorated with a stylish, white embroidered-looking Snoopy pattern.
The tumbler cup has a capacity of about 560ml and can withstand temperatures from 0°C to 40°C. It’s perfect for cold drinks to cool you down at home or the office. The straw is also an added bonus for all you ladies as it’ll help keep your lipstick off the rim of the cup!

Redemption details:
From now, you can redeem one PEANUTS x FDMTL Tumbler Cup with Straw with any purchase# plus $88 or 8,000 yuu Points plus $20.

You can choose your favourite style. Limited quantity, while stocks last. Reservation of items is not possible.

Step up your style with the PEANUTS x FDMTL Non-Slip Floor Mat

This fashionable, Japanese style plush floor mat features Snoopy relaxing on top of Mt Fuji decorated in FDMTL’s signature patchwork design. The mat’s simple, monochrome blue design makes it suitable for both boys’ and girls’ rooms, and homes decorated in a Japanese style.
The non-slip, high pile mat is luxuriously soft – perfect for chilling out on just like Snoopy when watching TV or reading! Its non-slip backing helps ensure that the mat doesn’t move around and helps reduce accidents.

Redemption details:
From 12 May 2022 (7am), you can redeem one PEANUTS x FDMTL Non-Slip Floor Mat with any purchase# plus $128. Limited quantity, while stocks last. Reservation of items is not possible.